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No pets, no smokers, DSS with guarantor (home owner)

1. Property Details (address to be let)
Property address

Tenancy periodTenancy start dateNo of applicants
Total rentRent for this applicant
per per
2. Primary Applicant Details (All fields marked * MUST be completed)
Property address
Title * First name * Initials Surname *
Date of birth * NI Number
(or overseas equivalent) *
Gross annual salary / income
Current address *
Postcode * Time at address Occupation *
Contact number * Mobile telephone number Marital status
(single, married etc)
Address status: - Owned / mortgaged
- Rented (provide details below)
- Family / friends
Names of additional tenants entering into this agreement * Age (if under 18) Share of rent
Are you or any of the above names a smoker?Yes- No-
Do you have any pets?Yes- No-
Have you had any County Court Judgements or rent arrears in the past 6 years?Yes*- No-
3. Previous Address (if at current less than 6 years)
Previous address *
Postcode * Time at address
3.1. Previous Address (if at current & previous less than 6 years)
Previous address *
Postcode * Time at address
4. Employment / Occupation details (Employed / Self employed)
Employment status
(e.g. permanent)
Name of organisation From date To date
Position held Contact name Contact position
Contact telephone number Contact fax number Contact email
5. Current landlord or agent
Landlord / Agency name Contact number Contact fax number or email address
6. Character Referee (Non relative known for 3 years)
Referee name Relationship
(eg previous employer)
Time known
Contact number Fax number if email address
7. Guarantor OPTIONAL
Title First Name Surname
Address Postcode
Contact no Income status
(self / employed, retired)
(self / employed, retired)
Employer's contact name^ Employer's contact no^
We may contact the proposed Guarantor to obtain further information or to verify their consent to act in this capacity.
^Please leave blank if unknown or inapplicable. An accountant or solicitor can be entered if self-employed.
8. Identification Validation (UK Passport, Driver's Licence, Utility Bill) OPTIONAL
ID Type (eg passport) Reference / Account number Issuer (Utility only eg BT)
9. Additional Notes & Comments
Use this section to add any additional general information that you feel is relevant
to this application.

Information is processed in confidence and within the guidelines of The Data Protection Act (1998) & the appropriate international privacy laws.
I confirm that the information provided on this application is accurate & true.
I authorise Rentchecks to conduct these searches and to make any employer or financial enquiries necessary to asses my suitability for this agrement.

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